The Story

Covid-19 and Artificial Intelligence have both disconnected, but also in a way brought people together closer than ever.


Manatee Mentor was born exactly for that reason - in response of the need to give back in the most human way possible – solidarity. After running interviews and surveyed several dozens of professionals, the team figured out there is a real need: 80% of surveyed people shared that the value of mentoring as a strengthener of company culture is often underestimated. 70% said that top mentors as inaccessible, while 85% considered paid coaching and training unaffordable.


Still....90% answered that they are ready to be mentored and to mentor others but majority couldn’t find a mentoring solution or program corresponding to their individual needs and preferences. This led to the creation of Manatee Mentor, whose goal is to be the digital platform to match mentors and mentees by making mentoring simple, trustworthy and accessible to anyone. Our vision is to transform the way people build themselves and their businesses up through values of solidarity, courage and curiosity. The team believes the solution will contribute vastly to the social sustainability in the dimensions of economic development, education, professional development and integration. Manatee Mentor will offer mentoring not only for individuals and large companies but also for startups and SMEs.

Meet The Founders

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Lucy Setian

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Lucy Setian: Lucy is the founder of MANATEE. In her day job she leads Digital Transformation at the Novartis Foundation, responsible for the strategy and implementation of Digital & AI programs in low- and middle income settings. Throughout her intra- and entrepreneurial path, Lucy has held different leadership roles with a focus on corporate strategy and business development, digital project and program management, innovation through technology, marketing and communications across different industries. She is passionate about driving positive societal impact with the help of technology and helping the growth of both organizations and individuals.


Claes Backman

#chiefrecruiter #operations #bizdev

Claes Backman: Many years experience with working in sales and business development as well as recruiting and IT. Claes loves people projects and is passionate about continuous learning. Having worked in many fields and with many different companies he knows that the most valued assets a company has is its people. With the right people, well motivated and guided, a company's limit is the sky. He believes that MANATEE will be a way for companies to keep their talents around and to assist companies with recruiting new talent. The idea of helping people inspire other people is a cause that he can dedicate himself wholeheartedly to.


Aditya Raj

#chiefproduct #techie #experienceofficer 

Aditya Raj: Almost a decade of experience of working in the field of ICT with special focus on IoT, AI & Blockchain Technology. Aditya has both technology and Business background. His business acumen coupled with technology know how has been his strength when it comes to solving real world problems by seeing it from three lenses of innovation that is desirability, feasibility and viability. He wants to give back to the society by helping others learn from his experiences and at the same time keep learning himself from greatest mentors out there. He is a continuous learner and strongly believes that sharing of knowledge and experience is the way forward. MANATEE is the way forward.