Path on the Water

Congratulations for the Nomination


Dear Nominee,


It is with great excitement that the Manatee Mentor team extends the following invitation to you to join us as one of our first 100 Founding Volunteer Mentors. You have been nominated due to your exceptional career, shared values and demonstrated servant leadership through giving back to others.

As a Founding Volunteer Mentor, you agree to be featured on the Manatee Mentor corporate communication channels, within outreach communications to strategic partners, give short interviews on mentoring and support us during events and other upcoming activities.

You decide how much time you gift and with which mentees of your choice within the Manatee Mentor platform. Our Beta platform will launch as an Android app, which will be freely available to download. After validating it with your help and feedback, our goal is to expand with additional platforms such as apps for web and iOS, and more value-added mentoring features. 

We look forward to welcoming you to join our mentoring journey and help support our goals to drive real impact in the lives of professionals not only in the developed but also in low and middle-income countries! Let us make life-long education equitable, strengthen economic development and redefine best practices for organizational development together. Please click on the button below to fill out your details and share them with us.

Thank you,

The Manatee Mentor team