Founders Update

Last October, midst Covid-19, we started with an inspiration and a belief: all professionals deserve the right to grow, develop, progress and have access to equal opportunities in their careers and businesses.

Mentoring as a tool for life-long learning and growth must be democratized by removing barriers such as the expensive price tags, exclusivity and lack of inclusiveness. We wanted to change the very nature of business communities within organizations and from merely an idea, today we can proudly say, that we are witnessing the change with the birth of our mentoring ecosystem and platform. Manatee Mentor is more than an AI-driven app, it’s a community of like-minded #moversandshakers and an innovative technology giving you the superpower every leader wishes for: to help and be helped.

The journey hasn't been easy but we keep on pushing: fully bootstrapped with almost 0 financial resources, we rely on our fantastic team of volunteers and interns to achieve our shared mission to #payitforward at scale. Since the release of our Android Beta app in April, up to date we have 310 active members, and over 1000+ people from around the world who pre-signed up for the iOS app. We hope to release our iOS app and full revamp of the Android app this year even though our lead developer sadly felt ill with Covid.

We never asked for financial help to do any of that so far, but the time has come to ask you: if you want us to keep going and keep helping others, how are you willing to help?