How Do You Know You Need A Mentor?

The most successful entrepreneurs we look up to wouldn’t be where they are today without the help of mentorship.

Contrary to popular opinions that make mentorship a buzzword and a bandwagon people seem to jump on to look serious, mentorship isn’t a new concept, neither is it a buzzword. For as far back as the fourth century B.C. in ancient Greece and beyond, mentoring has existed.

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are famous Greek philosophers whose ideas laid the foundation of Western philosophy. According to history, Socrates was a mentor to Plato, who later mentored Aristotle. These three pillars of Greek philosophy had a relationship of influence and shared wisdom and knowledge.

Today, their ideas still impact society.

Most successful people allude to mentors who held them by their hands and guided them practically through the most critical moments of their life. When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his personal account, “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thank you for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.”

It’s said that while Facebook was experiencing a tough patch in its early days, the founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, met with Apple’s CEO, chairman, and co-founder, Steve Jobs, for mentoring. The mentorship clearly had a significant impact on the life of Mark.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a mentor and wondering if you really need one, here are five signs to show you need one today:

1. You have great aspirations but don’t know how to go about it

For many successful people who inspire us to greatness, their story started with an aspiration. Aspirations are important to give a life purpose and meaning and something to aim for and hope towards. While it is important to have aspirations, knowing how to turn them into reality is the real deal. Having a mentor who believes in your aspirations can serve as a sounding board and boost your confidence. This will give you the needed courage to pursue your aspirations.

2. You want to take an easier road

Would you rather take driving directions to a place from a person who has been to that place or from someone who hasn't? A mentor has the ‘been there, done that’ experience and can share valuable life lessons to help you avoid pitfalls they might have had when they were in your shoes. It’s easier and faster to reach your destination through the right guidance.

3. You procrastinate a lot

You may be oblivious to how much you procrastinate. Procrastination can range from simply failing to return a call to missing a job interview. But when it becomes habitual, it can cause drawbacks in life. A mentor can help break the cycle of procrastination by helping you recognize it and then develop strategies to address it effectively.

4. To expand your thinking

A mentorship relationship exposes your mind to new ways of thinking or problem-solving. You get to walk alongside someone who has met different people, been to many places, and has a wide variety of views. One whose way of thinking or approaches can expand your perspectives and help you make better decisions.

5. You want to broaden your network

Apart from offering practical advice, mentors are great resources for meeting the right people, which can set you up for success in your endeavours. Because mentors are well connected, they can bring you into their networks and make strategic introductions. This way you get to meet new people and grow your network.

Success in any field cannot be achieved in solitude, you will at a point need a form of guidance and support to help you stay on the right track.

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