Let's end the job gap!

Did you know that there is a global shortage of 9 million nurses and midwives? Did you know that 68 million young people around the world are unemployed? We believe that inclusive mentorship can help support close this huge gap – in both supporting young professionals in getting access to jobs as health professionals and also in having equitable opportunities for life-long education and growth. Together we can create the ripple effect to reduce this dual job burden by mentoring 1,000,000 prospective and current midwives and nurses globally.

Especially during the difficult times during Covid-19 let's help nurses and midwives connect anywhere around the world to support each other through equitable remote mentorship. Tag an inspiring nurse or a midwife to help us start this global mentoring challenge and visit https://www.manatee-mentor.com/payitforward to learn more on how you can help.

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