Meet our New Partner - Latinx Voces en Salud!

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with Latinx Voces en Salud. Latinx Voces en Salud is a national independent grassroots organization focused on building and empowering the Latinx community through storytelling, arts and culture, and partnership.

As an organization that shares the same passion to innovate creative, artistic, and grassroots-driven solutions around research and policy and empower Latinx communities through engagement, storytelling, partnership, and community engagement, this partnership will give us a greater opportunity to raise awareness of the global shortage of nurses and midwives and create job opportunities for the Latinx community. Only together can we truly make a difference!

You can join too by downloading the Manatee Mentor BETA App on the Google Playstore at and learn more about the #Payitforward Challenge at