Mentoring for Startups: The Art of Learning to Fail Forward

Sign up for the second Manatee Mentor event. This time, it is dedicated on "Mentoring for Startups". Are you working in a startup or a founder? Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur and leaving the corporate world behind? Do you think you can combine intra and entrepreneurship for impact? You're in the right place, at the right time. Join us for a panel meetup with our amazing international Manatee Mentor Founding Volunteer Mentors from the Innovation Ecosystem.

4pm: Fireside chat with Ezelina Valentine Kamaliza from Endless265 & Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative-Malawi and Nejdeh Hovanessian from the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center at the American University of Armenia

4:15pm: Panel discussion

Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, Launchpad Venture Group & Branch Venture Group

Bejal Joshi, International Women in Science & Plush Communique

Ekaterina Stambolieva, Nina Space

Pascal Murasira, Norrsken East Africa

We are going to talk about...

  • The benefits of a Mentor for Entrepreneurs and why every Founder (and the Team) needs more than one Mentor

  • What makes a good startup mentor (and do you need to have a $$$$-exit to qualify as a dream mentor)

  • Your Investors and Customers as your filter-free mentors

  • Life after completing an Incubator/Accelerator Program: what to do when nobody assigned you a mentor?

  • Equitable mentorship - what if you can’t afford the program?

  • Founder-Founder Mentoring - more than just giving expensive advice

  • Growth Mindset or Failing Forward for Mentors and Mentees - where’s the starter kit for mentoring?

  • Reverse Mentoring - what corporates and governments can learn from startups

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