Mentoring & Internships - How to be Empowered when You Start your Career

Join our 1st event: Mentoring & Internships - How to be Empowered when You Start your Career

Are you an Intern? Do you wish you find a suitable mentor to guide you as you start your career? Or are you a Team Leader looking to support your Interns in their professional development and career navigation?

Then clear your schedule to attend the event. We will discuss:

1. Learning how to learn - How to find the career path for you.

2. How to navigate in a new work environment - I got the internship, so now what?

3. How to continuously develop yourself - a growth mindset

4. How mentoring can help you professionally and personally - who could be my mentor and how do I pick one?

5. Should I pay it forward and why it is important?

6. Tips and tricks



Jeff serves as the Associate Director of the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili), which funds, connects, and shares research on effective human learning across these demographics. This research explores how differences in learners, instruction, and landscape lead to different learning outcomes.


Rasheda is a mentoring consultant/advocate, author, and the Chief Empowering Officer for Empowered Flower Girl, a social enterprise on a mission to transform the way young people relate to one another and themselves. For more than a decade, Rasheda has been committed to making a difference in the lives of women and children.


Martina is a Freelance Personal & Business Coach and also supports AICRSwitzerland. Martina finds pleasure in supporting others and helping them find their own solutions for their challenges while learning from them and their expertise.