Welcome to Stage-Co as our new Partner

We are trilled to announce the launch of the partnership between Stage-Co and Manatee Mentor!

Stage-Co is a fast growing community platform for startups, mentors and investors in and around Turkey. The co-founders focus their efforts and activities around the local startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem and ignite the local startup potential as well as creating more interaction with the global centers of innovation, startups and entrepreneurship, institutions, groups organisations. Stage-Co was born where “Stage” stands for the stages a company has to go through in order to be successful. Seed, Startup, Growth, Establishment, Mature and Exit are known stages for success.

The “Co” stands for coworking, collaboration and cocreation.

Stage-Co provides a platform and services that helps startups and all involved to create successes with the following 2 objectives:

  • Better startups - To increase the number of successful startups in Turkey

  • Smarter corporates - To bring startup agility and creativity to corporate level & ignite intrapreneurship.

For this purpose, Stage-Co provides end-to-end services for corporate innovation and setting up entrepreneurial mindset in organisations.

How would we partner

  • Manatee Mentor mentees with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship can benefit from free mentoring from the Stage-Co co-founders Neşen Yücel and Patrick Bosteels who joined us as two of our first 100 Founding Volunteer Mentors

  • Manatee Mentor members can join dedicated mentoring-related events of Stage-Co

  • Manatee Mentor members can benefit from tailored Stage-Co Consulting Services via our coming soon marketplace

Learn more at https://stage-co.com/