Welcome to YES Initiative Malawi as our new Partner

The year continues with exciting news! We are super happy to share about the launch of the partnership between Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative Malawi and Manatee Mentor! This impactful first partnership in East Africa will help us grow the local capacity to enable a business culture of mentorship and support for young professionals.

The Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative Malawi (YES-Initiative) is a youth-led purpose driven enterprise that aspires to present innovative and relevant youth development programs that create positive change in young people, their families, and immediate communities and the nation at large. YES-Initiative’s approach to mentorship involves utilising peer-mentoring, where youths reach out to fellow young people. Through mentorship sessions, tuition support to students and provision of life skills training, the YES-Initiative envisions a society of self-reliant young people in Malawi.

How would we partner

  • YES-Initiative Malawi and Manatee Mentor will co-host mentoring events and co-create thought leadership resources with focus on professional development, career opportunities and personal growth in the region and internationally

  • YES-Initiative Malawi will localize valuable mentoring tools and professional development resources from Manatee Mentor to further support the development path of young talent

  • Top leaders of YES-Initiative Malawi will join as Volunteer Mentors and support our global community

Learn more at www.yesinitiativemw.org